e-Chatuauqua: Our Approach

Participation, personal development and do-it-yourself are the main tenets of our e-chautauqua.

Traditional Chautauquas promoted self-improvement and encouraged self-development by showing that there were divergent viewpoints on the controversies of the day. Attendees clearly got the message that there was more than one so-called "authority" view on any subject: "The first two hours the farmers wanted to rush to Washington and shoot Speaker Joe Cannon. After that they were for Cannon and wanted to shoot LaFollette" (Harrison, Culture Under Canvas)

We take some of this for granted, yet many parts of our world today remain locked into 'top-down' authoritarian perspectives.

Even the simple act of analysing your own dream or looking through a telescope can be liberating - as you get a glimpse of the inner and outer universe.