Understanding the Meaning of Dreams


If you have wondered what your dreams mean, or wished you knew how to interpret your dreams, this website is for you. It is a "do-it-yourself" manual of dream interpretation which will start you on your journey of self-discovery by introducing you to the basic methods of dream analysis. The information is accessible and you can start to understand your dreams now.

For those who want more information, I have provided a more in-depth approach to dreams in my book "Dreampower", available from Zeus publications.

These techniques for understanding the meaning of your dreams are grounded in Jung's theories of the psyche and dreaming. I have trained in Jungian psychotherapy in Zurich and Australia, and practiced as a counsellor and psychotherapist for 10 years in Sydney. This experience has formed the basis for my intererest in understanding dreams as a means of self-development for everyone, not only people seeking professional psychotherapeutic itervention.

We spend up to 1/3 of our lives asleep. The process of dreaming is an important part of our life, a natural, self-regulating system. The dreams we produce are like stories we tell ourselves about ourselves so that we can address issues in our lives and develop self-understanding. We don't need psychoanalysts, psychics or other gurus to intepret our dreams for us. All we need is the technique, a little patience and a willingness to give ourselves some of the time and care we give to our competing obligations..

Once you become aware of what your dreams mean and the role they play in your life, you can not help developing a new awareness and respect for yourself and for your fellow human beings. I believe that to ignore your dreams is the equivalent of reading only every second page of a novel. You just might be missing out on the parts that bring the whole story together.


DreamPower Dream interpretation book new from Zeus Publications

Margaret Penhall Jones, author