Margaret Penhall-Jones

About the Author

Margaret Penhall-Jones.practiced as a counsellor and psychotherapist in Sydney for over ten years. She studied psychotherapy at the C G Jung Institute in Zurich, Switzerland tutored by, amongst others, Dr C A Meier and Dr H Binswanger. Specialising in traditional Jungian psychotherapy, her practice has always emphasised dream analysis and other imagery techniques, including sandtray therapy, as paths to the subconscious.

Margaret says her interest in dreams began in childhood.

"Even when I was a child, I have always had vivid dreams which demanded my attention...I remember an early, vivid dream that a full grown lion walked right into the front yard of our home in suburban Sydney - a dream that I remembered as being real until I was old enough to realise it could not have been. I created adventure stories in my dreams, and I created beautiful places, such as a rose quartz house."

Margaret is hoping that the internet will provide easy access for anyone to pursue their interest in dreams.

Margaret's qualifications include a Masters degree in Philosophy, post-graduate qualifications in management and in counselling and most recently an Associate Diploma in law. She is continuing her legal studies.

In addition to her counselling practice, Margaret has been a policy analyst for various departments in the New South Wales Government, including Transport, Health and Education.

Her interests include law reform and transparency in public institutions. She has been invited to testify and contribute to a number of Parliamentary and Government inquiries on these issues.

Margaret is married to forensic psychologist Tom Benjamin. Margaret and Tom divide their time between Sydney and the small town of Bellbird in the Hunter Valley in NSW. There they pursue another challenging interest, rescuing and renovating an abandoned house in the small town of Millfield.




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