e-Chatuauqua Tent: EXPRESSION

"... About half of a Chautauqua program consisted of music. ...

.. However, the Chautauqua program really centered on the lecturer, the 'backbone of Chautauqua'."

Welcome to the Expression Tent. The tools of our current generation are digital and multimedia. It is now possible for a private individual to set up a recording and video studio and host an international radio and TV station for no more cost than a conventional web page.

When we consider the expense yet limited regional reach of conventional radio and TV stations, this is a revolutionary development too recent to have really sunk in.

Particular topics which we offer are:

  • Internet radio and TV
  • Free, Creative Commons Public Domain music
  • Digital home music studio techniques
  • Animation and multimedia methods for music videos
  • Live performance and karaoke

Our contribution is to save you time with hints to create your own multimedia. We've started off with versions of famous songs you'd not readily find elsewhere.