e-Chatuauqua Tent: REFORM

"... while Chautauqua was strictly non-partisan, a good many public issues could be discussed without political bias"

Welcome to the Reform Tent. We follow the Chautauqua tradition of discussion, civic participation and demystification: "The speakers in the Chautauqua tents and on the platforms, and their messages of public concern in the early 1900s, can easily be identified with current headliners and headlines. Issues of public concern then remain topics of concern today .. these issues would often fit well in modern-day popular media ( Redpath Chautauqua Collection, University of Iowa Libraries)

Particular topics which we have been and continue to be involved with are:

  • Transparency in Government
  • Mis-uses of psychiatric labelling
  • Bossist management and toxic organisations
  • Law reform

Our contribution is to provide information you won't find anywhere else. What we show here is only the tip of our iceberg of data. The links at right are a sample of submissions we have authored or informed.



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